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Netatech Group

The NETATECH difference

TECHNOLOGY - We are a company that puts technology at the forefront of everything we do. With technology, we work faster, smarter, and more efficiently. And we will do the same for you. Our design and project management incorporate technology that will cut your manpower, energy, and water requirements.

PRODUCTS - We represent a full range of the best in class products in the world. When you work with us, you have the assurance of not just our consulting and design expertise, but also our products' performance.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT - With a strong project management team, we are able to run our projects efficiently, and effectively. The project team employs a well thought through methodology, and our own in-house project management tools to deliver the solutions to our clients. Even our foreign workers are trained to use technology to run the projects well. Our project team works seamlessly, and hand-in-hand with our consulting team, and responds quickly to any situations on site. With all these in place, you can be assured of the quality we deliver.

Netatech – what’s in a name?

The word ‘NETA’ ​means​ ​GR​ACE, and more often, a young PLANT. We borrowed the word NETA from NETAFIM, and added the word TECH which is the focus of how we work. Because of our intense harnessing of TECHnology, we are able to become more efficient, to STREAMLINE our processes, and that of our clients so that we can both save time and RESOURCES. NETATECH speaks of using Technology to understand nature, to mimic nature, and to care for nature.

At Netatech, we see all our ​younger staff as young plants, requiring nurturing, and care. We employ people from different industries, and fresh young graduates. The background industry from where they come from are not so important. We look for people with the right basic values, and the ability to learn and grow. We provide the right environment for them to develop to their fullest potential. All our staff are our assets, appreciating in value over the years.

our People

The Netatech team is made up of professionals specialising in their own domain areas. Coming together, we are able to offer an integrated, well designed solution that meets your needs in sustainable design and building.

Our consulting team has extensive consulting and project experience in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Philippines, China, and the Middle East. With the varied backgrounds, the consulting perspectives and design solutions are not run of the mill. The difference you will find is that our solutions are not only viable, they are cost effective without sacrificing the Design Integrity.

Our team of ABC (Stormwater) Qualified Professionals, Irrigation Design Specialists, and Rainwater Harvesting & Treatment Technologists can provide you with an end to end solution including Design, Consulting, and Project Management.




Director Sales


Director R&D

Harvest more, pay less!
water bills!

70% of our daily water consumption is for non-potable use, if we could harvest on-site water for reuse
we will save money as well as energy and chemical cost.

Our Culture & Values

Here at Netatech, we recognise that people are the primary source of value creation. Hence, we develop both our internal and external relationships based on authenticity, integrity, and openness to foster a climate for true shared-value creation.

And in so doing, not only do we align ourselves closely to the needs of our clients and partners, we move responsibly in tandem with the changing demands of our socio-economic and environmental conditions. 
Our very own knowledge centre, the Oasis Living Lab, represents our commitment to values that promote a human focus. It allows mutually beneficial exchange between our partners and us for knowledge and skill transfer, and helps to fulfil our organisational social responsibilities through outreach activities for local schools and regional communities.
We take a cooperative and creative approach in our work with various individuals, groups and institutions to achieve our common goals of creating value in the industry and giving back to society.

  • Authenticity and Integrity

    Netatech builds trusting, long term relationships through honesty, openness, and fair play. All aspects of our businesses are based on the highest ethical standards.

  • Quality and Commitment

    Netatech’s commitment to our clients begins with the commitment to quality. We strive to deliver superior value to our clients through continual improvement on our products, services, and processes.

  • Learning and Sharing

    Continuous learning and sharing are our key to true value creation. Not only does Netatech foster an internal climate conducive to learning, we encourage and facilitate meaningful exchange with our clients, partners, and allies for knowledge and experience.

  • Innovation and Leadership

    Netatech stays ahead of change through strategic investments in technology application research, and the actualisation of thought leadership in innovative solutions.

  • Partnership and Prudence

    Close collaborations with our partners and allies coupled with prudent financial management enable Netatech to respond swiftly and effectively to the changing needs of our clients.