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Sustainable Urban Solutions

Water Sensitive
Urban Design

Decentralised storm water treatment saves
the costs of chemical and electricity used for
water recycling and protects our water ways.

Rain Water

On-site water harvesting and reuse
saves up to 70% of total
water consumption.


Drip Irrigation saves up to 40% of water
compared to conventional
sprinklers system.


Decentralised storm detention will help
alleviate flooding in our
urban cities.


Harvested water can be recycled for
reuse to save our


Monitoring of our urban water ways helps
give us early warning of
unforeseen events.


Greenwalls and Greenroofs help mitigate
heat island effect in our
urban cities.


New techniques of farming which enable high
density planting and zero run off are
essential in an urban setting.


Smart technologies provide information at
your fingertips allowing you to make an
informed decision wherever you are.

Facts & Figures

For the sake of our future generations, we have to start doing something right. We have to start conserving and not depleting our natural resources.

If city dwellers could master the art of harvesting Water, Sunlight and Crop, the future of our world will be a much better place than we are today.

  • Each city dweller consumes 150 – 250 litre of water per day, of which 70% is for non-potable use and which could be harvested from rain or recycled water.
  • High Tech farming can yield many times more than traditional farming. It is 95% science and 5% effort.

  • By 2050, the world population will be more than 9 billion.

  • Singapore’s land area of 700 km², is one of the most well planned countries in the world. The world only needs the space of 1000 Singapores to contain the entire world's population.

Harvest More with Less
The Art of Leveraging Nature
Augmenting with Sciences
to achieve the most optimal results