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Services we offer


WSUD Design and Modelling
Irrigation Hydraulic Design and Modelling
Storm Event Modelling
Tertiary Water Treatment Design


Construction of WSUD elements
Construction of Irrigation System
Construction of Skyrise Greeneries
Construction of High Tech Farms
Construction of Rain Harvesting Systems
Construction of Storm Water Systems


Rain Garden and Swales Maintenance
Bio Pond Maintenance
Irrigation Maintenance
Water Features Maintenance
Skyrise Greeneries Maintenance
Storm System Maintenance
Water Treatment Plants Maintenance
Rain Harvesting System Maintenance
Farm Equipment Maintenance


Urban Water Management
Urban Farming and Technologies
Irrigation Design and Certification
Eco-Literacy Program

Global Think Tank Localized Solutions

Global Knowledge Hub

We don't work alone. We are backed by, and always connected to our team of Global Experts Worldwide to define localized solutions for each of our customers. Our knowledge hub in the north of Singapore called the Oasis Living Lab was built to bring various leading edge technologies to Singapore and test bed them before implementation.

Global Collaborative Network

Our Cloud based collaborative network leveraging on Big Data system to facilitate knowledge sharing amongst our experts globally to define and design solutions to solve environmental challenges.

Intelligent Design Environment Saving


Nature is the most balanced and self adjusting system and we need to learn from it to design our solutions.


Human talent is the shadow of the Creator. We believe in discovering the talent of each individual to help them achieve their maximum potential.


Sciences are subjects to understand the creation. We study them intently to Create the most efficient and effective solutions.


Creativity and Innovation bring vigor into life. They enable us to explore new frontiers and invent better solutions for mankind.

A Value Creating
Mindset for a
Better Future World