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Developer: Hwa Chong Institution
Main Con: Nanjing Dadi Construction Pte Ltd
Architect: Surbana International Consultants Pte Ltd
Date Completed: In Progress

About the Project:

The school wanted to harvest rain water and storm water for irrigation and toilet flushing. The integration of rain and storm water harvesting system, irrigation system, water treatment system and the featured vertical rain forest is the primary challenge of this project. As they are inter-related, the design of this solution requires an overall understanding of each system.

An example of integration is by designing the pump system in the basement to serve the dual purpose of irrigation and the transfer of harvested water to the water treatment system on the roof. This requires Netatech to do hydraulic calculation and simulation to ensure both systems are served with optimum pressure and flow rate. By doing so, Netatech was able to reduce the number of pump systems in the project, which means lower capital costs and less maintenance.

It is of utmost importance to ensure the treated water is safe for reuse. Failing to do so could mean students getting sick from contact with contaminated water. Netatech's iHydroGuard TB3500 uses ultrafiltration membranes, UV disinfection and controlled chlorine dosing that not only disinfects water as it passes through the system, it also provides residual disinfection after the water leaves the system. This means that the treated water is free of bacteria and is safe for reuse.

Hwa Chong Institute was able to fulfill their vision of a new campus with groundbreaking features such as vertical rain forest and rain and storm water harvesting for reuse. This project has enabled Netatech to design and integrate all these systems to work seamlessly together.